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* pitch closed * 

Privacy risks and preventive actions connected to research scenarios in the Social Sciences


The pitch is closed. The task group​ will start 9 July 2019.

Want to know more about task groups in general?  Ingeborg Verheul  ingeborg.verheul [at] surfsara.nl

Do you have an idea for a pitch?


Do you have an idea for a pitch? ​​​​Do you have a question about RDM  

or have you encountered problems during your daily work that you find difficult to solve on your own? 

      ↪ Is the issue in question relevant to other institutes besides your own organization? 

            ↪​​ If so, please use the form below to bring it to the attention of the LCRDM.

If there is sufficient support for your proposal to be tackled at a national level, we will develop a pitch for a task group​, in close cooperation with the advisory group​.
A research proposal for a LCDRM task group takes a maximum of 2 months. 

Please, fill in the online form:  Form for a pitch 

or send an email to the LCRDM bureau: ingeborg.verheul@surfsara.nl​ . In the Framework document you can read what kind of information we would like to get from you. 

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