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* New pitch! * 

Consultation Group members for LCRDM Task Group RDA 23 Things


Involvement: from end of August 2019 till June 2020. 

What will you do? You will give your input (in writing) on the revision of the 23 Things by participating in two or more sprint sessions and you’ll advise on the deliverables and connecting activities of the project.​ ​

Read the pitch:

Pitch RDA project 23 Things.pdf

​Or read the longer version:​​​

Pitch RDA project 23 Things _ Consultancy group members.pdf

For information please contact: Mijke Jetten m.jetten [at] ubn.ru.nl (024 3612863)  or  Ingeborg Verheul  ingeborg.verheul [at] surfsara.nl​​

Do you have an idea for a pitch?


Do you have an idea for a pitch? ​​​​Do you have a question about RDM  

or have you encountered problems during your daily work that you find difficult to solve on your own? 

      ↪ Is the issue in question relevant to other institutes besides your own organization? 

            ↪​​ If so, please use the form below to bring it to the attention of the LCRDM.

If there is sufficient support for your proposal to be tackled at a national level, we will develop a pitch for a task group​, in close cooperation with the advisory group​.
A research proposal for a LCDRM task group takes a maximum of 2 months. 

Please, fill in the online form:  Form for a pitch 

or send an email to the LCRDM bureau: ingeborg.verheul@surfsara.nl​ . In the Framework document you can read what kind of information we would like to get from you. 

Framework Pitch_English .pdf