​Everyone actively concerned with RDM in their daily work can apply for the pool of experts. Whether your expertise is in the field of support, IT or policy making; no matter if you work at a university, UMC, or are connected to an HBO institute, KNAW research institute, NWO or T20: we are happy to welcome you.​

​  Here's the list of experts who gave permission to publish their participation.​​

​Number of participants per 09-12-2019: 200 including members of the advisory board.

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​  ​   ​  Meetings​  |  Retrospect: 29 October 2019


Experts share knowledge and experience in the field of RDM, with each other and third parties, they are available for advice and participate in short-term task groups​. Keep an eye on the RDM-mailing list for task group-pitches endorsed by the advisory group. Aynone is invited to propose issues to be tackled by a task group. ​

A network meeting for experts is held 3 times per year. ​The first networking meetup for the experts of the LCRDM pool took place 27 September 2018 in Utrecht. 

Do you want to apply?

Please contact Ingeborg Verheul at margriet.miedema@surfsara.nl (or just pick up the phone!)

Read more about the composition of the pool of experts, the desired profile and the expected task load: Pool van Experts.pdf (in Dutch)

Read about LCRDM's new method of working in the LCRDM implementation plan 2018 ff.​


A first networking meetup for the LCRDM Pool of Experts took place Thursday 27 september 2018, Utrecht. Read the report by Ingeborg Verheul, including presentations.​

On 28 November 2018 LCRDM together with RDNL, UKB, NFU-Data4LifeScience and NPOS organised a syposium on the topic of data stewardship. This meeting preceded the award ceremony of the Dutch Data Prize 2018 and was held at NWO in The Hague. See the blog post of Ingeborg Verheul for a report  and the presentations.​

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