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Theme session CDDI, 20 November 2019, Maastricht University

Presentation about the LCRDM given by Annemie Mordant, member of the LCRDM Advisory Group, at a theme meeting at the University of Maastricht. The meeting was organised by the 'Community for Data-Driven Insights' (CDDI). Annemie is the Head of Department at MEMIC ​that focuses specifically on providing professional support in the field of Research Data Management (RDM). The MEMIC does this for researchers, PhD and students of FHML / MUMC + but also for other faculties and for external non-profit organizations.  20191120 LCRDM-CDDI.pdf

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Lygature meeting, 29 October 2019, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht

Presentation by Melanie Imming at a meeting ​of the partners of Lygature​, a "not-for-profit organization based in the Netherlands. It drives the development of new medical solutions for patients by managing public-private partnerships involving academia, industry and society." Melanie is consultant from Imming Impact and a member of the LCRDM Pool of Experts and main editor of the LCRDM Report on Data Stewardship​. ​ Lygature MM Imming NPOS.pdf

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FORCE 2019, 16 October 2019, Edinburgh

Presentation by Melanie Imming at a meeting organized by FORCE11 and the University of Edinburgh. Melanie is consultant with Imming Impact and a member of the LCRDM pool of experts and main editor of the LCRDM Report on Data Stewardship​​. 201910 Datastewardship Melanie Imming FORCE2019.pdf

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Open Science Fair, 17 September 2019, Porto

Presentation by Melanie Imming at a meeting (see tab '17 September') by OpenAIRE, in cooperation with the University of Minho​ and three other EU projects in the area of Open Science: FIT4RRI, EOSC Secretariat and FAIRsFAIR. Melanie is consultant with Imming Impact and a member of the LCRDM pool of experts and main editor of the LCRDM Report on Data Stewardship​​. 201909 Datastewardship Melanie Imming PORTO_final.pdf

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SCIPR community meeting, 10 May 2019, SURF, Utrecht

Presentation by Peter Hinrich, SURF research community manager and member of the LCRDM Data Collaboration Policy task group. The presentation was held at a meeting of the SCIPR community​ (SURF Community for Information Security and PRivacy, a community of practice). The Policy task group will commence shortly (May 2019) and wants to identify which incompatible policy causes bottlenecks in cross-institutional research and wants to describe implications and solutions. Peter Hinrich's SCIPR presentation also focuses on the LCRDM method​: presentatie LCRDM taakgroep beleidsaspecten voor SCIPR.pdf

TUD background

Ten Things Research Data services shouldn’t do, 30 april 2019, Delft

Presentation delivered at TU Delft, 30 April 2019, by LCRDM advisory group member Alastair Dunning. In this presentation​ about research data management is being referred to the LCRDM, especially with an eye on collaboration in order to relieve the work load by sharing solutions and guidelines with one another​.


RDA 13th Plenary Meeting, 2-4 April 2019, Philadelphia

The Wageningen University & Research was present at the RDA conference in Philadelphia. Their poster on Data Stewardship referred to the LCRDM, among other things to the task group on Data Stewardship: "We would like to thank the National Coordination Point RDM (lcrdm.nl) in the Netherlands for providing us with a national context for Data Stewardship, for letting us use the "meet your peers" concept and for bringing together data professionals in the Netherlands."

WUR RDA.pdf (not in original quality)​


7th Library Congress, 19 maart 2019, Leipzig

Tuesday 19 March 2019 Ingeborg Verheul represented the LCRDM at the congress  hosted by Bibliothek & Information Deutschland (BID​), the Federal Association of German Library and Information Associations. During the theme session "Strategien in nationalen Kontexten"​ she introduced LCRDM as well as the Dutch landscape of research data management, in two separate presentations:

20190319_BibTag2019.pdf en 20190319_BibTag2019_Strategies.pdf   (both in German)

TUD background

Towards cultural change in data management - data stewardship in practice, 24 May 2018, Delft

On Thursday 24 May 2018, a data stewardship day was held at the Technical University in Delft. At this well-attended meeting, the new Delft data stewards gave a presentation of their diverse activities offset by presentations and workshops by a series of (inter)national speakers (presentations,  recordings, photos​)​. Ingeborg Verheul acted as presenter on behalf of the LCRDM for the data steward network days:LCRDM_Data Stewardship.pdf. She also drew attention to the​ RDM-mailinglist​

NAI background

Seminar on the legal aspects of data management, 24 April 2018, Utrecht

On Tuesday 24 April 2018, a seminar about the legal aspects of data management was held at SURF in Utrecht. It was the first of three seminars organized by the author's rights information point for the Universities of Applied Sciences (NAI) in collaboration with the LCRDM. Videos of presentations by Esther Hoorn (RUG) and Marlon Domingus (EUR) can be viewed online. Ingeborg Verheul gave a presentation about the LCRDM model and platform.pdf.

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The KNVI Department of Biomedical Information Specialists, 17 April 2018, Amersfoort

On 17 April 2018, a General Meeting and Verdiepingsdag of the Afdeling Biomedische Informatiespecialisten KNVI (The Royal Dutch Association for Information Professionals) was held in Amersfoort. Ingeborg Verheul gave a keynote presentation about RDM and the LCRDM. Jan-Willem Boiten (Lygature and LCRDM Finances Work Group) held a workshop session during the afternoon programme. RDM: an introduction.pdf

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NFU Data4LifeSciences, 21 March 2018, Utrecht

Op 21 March, a regular Operational Board Meeting of the NFU programme Data4LifeSciences took place at SURF in Utrecht. Ingeborg Verheul gave a brief presentation about the LCRDM and possible collaboration in 2018 was discussed.​LCRDM state of affairs.pdf

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DPC, 20 March 2018, London

Work group member Joost van der Nat (National Coalition for Digital Sustainability) gave a presentation at Digital Preservation Coalition symposium van maart 2018 ("Shared Service and Common Purpose: Digital Preservation as Infrastructure") about the LCRDM's commitment to achieving a common architecture and catalogue:The Importance of being comprehensive: a network of facilities for Digital Preservation & Research Data Management​.pdf .


CODATA, 19 March 2018, Göttingen

Work group member Laurents Sesink (Head of the Centre for Digital Scholarship, Leiden University) held a presentation at the CODATA RDM Symposium 2018 ("The critical role of university RDM infrastructure in transforming data to knowledge") about the intention of the LCRDM to realize a common architecture and catalogue: "A common approach to establish Research Data Management services in the Netherlands: architecture, catalogue and glossary.​"

['CODATA is the Committee on Data of the International Council for Science (ICSU). CODATA exists to promote global collaboration to improve the availability and usability of data for all areas of research.']


De Haagse Hogeschool, 13 March 2018, The Hague

Ingeborg Verheul gave a presentation about20180313_LCRDM and RDM at a national level  during an inspirational meeting at De Haagse Hogeschool. The programme also included the following lectures: "RDM policy at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam" by Janna Toebosch (HvA), "RDM policy at the Hogeschool Saxion" by Sarah Coombs (Saxion) and "Let's get to work: How do we tackle RDM policy @deHaagse?" by Margo Custers.​​

Hortus Botanicus, 2 February 2018, Amsterdam

At the latest Meeting of University Heads of Strategy – this time in the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam -  Ingeborg Verheul gave a presentation about "National cooperation in the field of open science in the Netherlands", in other words​About LCRDM and NPOS.​​

Vrije Universiteit, 22 November 2017, Amsterdam

More than a hundred researchers and policy makers attended a seminar at the Vrije Universiteit to learn from the experiences of three experts. Presentations given by these experts can be viewed here.  Ingeborg Verheul held a presentation about ​"The Sweets & Carrots of Open Science".​​

LOKO meeting, 13 November 2017, Utrecht

A LOKO meeting took place on 13 November in Utrecht. LOKO stands for Landelijk Overleg Kwaliteitszorg Onderzoek (National Consultative Body for Quality Assurance). Among other topics dealt with during the meeting, a concept memorandum RDM in the SEP​ was placed on the agenda. Ingeborg Verheul gave a presentation about:​​20171113_LOKO.pdf

​ ​ ​ ​

LIBER 46th Annual Conference, 5 July 2017, Patras, Greece

The 46th edition of the annual LIBER conference took place in Greece under the title: Libraries Powering Sustainable Knowledge in the Digital Age. On 5 June, Ingeborg Verheul of the LCRDM and Jacquelijn Ringersma of the WUR (also chairman of the LCRDM Workgroup for Awareness/Commitment) gave a duo presentation under the title: The Role of Libraries in the Adoption of Research Data Management. This session took place during the first parallel session after the opening of the congress entitled:​ http://libereurope.eu/blog/2017/09/19/top-10-presentations-liber-2017/

For more information about LIBER 2017: http://liber2017.lis.upatras.gr/

Download the PowerPoint presentation here:20170705_LIBER.pptx


Research Data Network, 27 June 2017, York, United Kingdom

Starting four years ago, JISC organises an annual, two-day network meeting about Research Data Management for its UK-based followers. This year Ingeborg Verheul was invited as guest along with her colleague Ingrid Dillo of DANS to give a survey of RDM activities in the Netherlands and take part in a panel discussion.

For more about the JISC Research Data Network see: https://www.jisc.ac.uk/events/research-data-network-27-jun-2017

Download the PowerPoint presentation here:20170626_RDM_YORK.pptx


HBO Workshop Support for Research, 19 April 2017, SURF, Utrecht

Among other ambitions, SURF strives to bring together the right people in the field of research support within universities of applied sciences (HBO). One way to do this is to organize an annual master class in research support for these organizations. On the first of two days, Ingeborg Verheul, Laura Boekel and Boudewijn van den Berg held a workshop about the LCRDM. Its goal was to create room on the LCRDM platform for universities of applied sciences and provide insight in RDM procedures already being undertaken by such institutes.

For more information about the master class see​: http://blog.han.nl/openscience/expeditie-support4research/

Download the PowerPoint presentation here: 20170419_HBO Workshop.pptx

Overleg NWO-datamanagers, 11 april 2017, Amsterdam

The data managers of NWO institutes meet regularly to discuss recent developments in the field of Research Data Management. The work groups of the LCRDM represent CWI, NiKHEF, NIOZ and DANS. In April Ingeborg Verheul gave a presentation about the LCRDM.

For more information about the NWO-institutes see: https://www.nwo.nl/over-nwo/organisatie/nwo-onderdelen/nwoi

Download the PowerPoint presentation here: 20170411_NWO Datamanagers.pptx


Mid Term Review SURF innovation programmes, 10 April 2017, Utrecht

In the spring of 2017, an external Mid-Term review of the SURF innovation programmes took place for the first time. The LCRDM is one of the projects of the SURF Open Science innovation programme and was therefore included in this review. The review committee consisted of Rachel Bruce (JISC), Per Oster (CSC IT Center for Science, Finland) and Hans Pfeiffenberger (Alfred Wegener Instituut, Germany). Ingeborg Verheul gave a presentation about the LCRDM. The committee was impressed by the many activities being pursued at the LCRDM. One of its recommendations was to ensure that international ties are established with similar institutes. A public version of the review report will be made available via the SURF website.

Download the PowerPoint presentation here: 20170410_Mid Term Review Open Science.pptx


Meeting of the 'Ambtelijk Overleg', 6 April 2017, Utrecht

The LCRDM was launched by SURF in 2015 at the request of the Stuurgroep Onderzoek en Valorisatie (SOV) (Steering Group for Research and Valorization) of the VSNU. This steering group functions as sounding board for the policy-related output of the LCRDM. The meetings of the SOV and the VSNU are prepared by the Ambtelijk Overleg (AO) (Official consultation). Ingeborg Verheul was invited to give a presentation about recent developments at the LCRDM during the AO spring meeting.

For more about the SOV, see​: http://www.vsnu.nl/sov.html

Download the PowerPoint presentation here: 20170406_AOV.pptx


Workshop, RDM - Rat für Informationsinfrastrukturen (RfII), 12 January 2017, Berlin

In response to a recommendation document by the RFll - the German scientific information council - about implementation of RDM at German research institutes, a two-day workshop was organized in January 2017 with the title ‘Form Follows Function, Conceptualizing and Promoting Sustainable National Systems for Research Data Management’. Goal of this meeting was to provide input for a national eco system in Germany to set up a sustainable information infrastructure, compatible with the existing European landscape. Representatives from the UK, the Netherlands and Germany were invited to attend. During the first panel discussion Ingeborg Verheul gave a presentation about the LCRDM entitled: National Players, Developments and Challenges.

For more information about the RfII: http://www.rfii.de/de/index/

Download the PowerPoint presentatie here: 20170112_RFII_Verheul.pptx



HON RDM-day, 20 December 2016, Utrecht

The universities of applied sciences (HBO) in the Netherlands have a special network for research connected with policy advisors: the HON. In December the Hogeschool Utrecht organized a study afternoon about RDM for the HON. In addition to presentations by the Vereniging van Hogescholen (VH) (Association of Universities of Applied Sciences) and the SIA (nationaal regieorgaan praktijkgericht onderzoek) (national coordinating body for practice oriented research), Ingeborg Verheul held a presentation about the LCRDM.

For more information about the HON see the VH annual reports​: http://www.vereniginghogescholen.nl/over-ons

Download the PowerPoint presentation here: 20161220_HON_Verheul.pptx


SURFsara Super D Event, 15 December 2016, Amsterdam

Every year in December, SURFsara organizes a Super D Event. The goal of the event is to offer researchers a platform for the way in which they use ICT during their research and to show how technology can support science. The 2016 edition scheduled an information session about SURF innovation programmes in which Ingeborg Verheul explained the activities of the LCRDM.​​

For more about the Super D Event: https://www.surf.nl/en/agenda/2016/12/surfsara-super-d-event/index.html

Download the PowerPoint presentation here: 20161215_SuperDDay_Ingeborg Verheul.pptx


RDNL Data Prize 2016, 9 November 2016, Den Haag

The Dutch Data Prize initiated by the RDNL (www.researchdata.nl) is awarded to a researcher or research group that makes a special contribution to science by making research data available for supplementary or new research. In November 2016 the prize was awarded to the projects BoschDoc, AHCODA-DB and OpenML. During the awards ceremony a number of presentations were given about the Dutch data landscape. Ingeborg Verheul gave a presentation about RDNL, the LCRDM and the importance of both initiatives for researchers.

For more information about the RDNL Data prize 2016 see​: http://www.researchdata.nl/diensten/dataprijs/

Download the PowerPoint presentation here:20161109_presentatie RDNL dataprijs 2016_LCRDM.pptx


Masterclass Support for Research, 23 September 2016, Rotterdam

Support for Research also known as: Support4Research is a project initiated by SURF that strives to make technical support more compatible with research undertaken by education and research institutes and thereby improve services for researchers. In 2016, a second national master class was organized by the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Its main focus was how institutes regulate their research support and what researchers need to help them perform their tasks to the best of their abilities. Ingeborg Verheul gave a brief presentation about the LCRDM.

For more information about the master class see: https://blog.surf.nl/masterclass-support4research-2016/

Download the PowerPoint presentation here: 20160922_7 minutes Ingeborg Verheul.pptx


LIBER Annual Conference 2016, 30 June 2016, Helsinki

LIBER (The Association of European Research Libraries) exists since 1971. More than 400 university libraries, research libraries and national libraries from all over Europe are members of this organization. In 2016, LIBER's annual conference was held in Helsinki, Finland. The chosen theme was 'Libraries Opening Paths to Knowledge'. Ingeborg Verheul gave a presentation about the LCRDM with the aid of a poster. The speed-date session that kicked-off with the LCRDM was very stimulating. It allowed each poster presenter one minute to pitch their organization.

For more about LIBER see: https://liber2016.org

You can read the 1 minute presentation text on the following file​: 20160630_Liber 1 minute.docx
Download the poster here: 20160630_Liber_small.pdf



SHB Theme Day for Research Data Management at universities of applied sciences, 16 June 2016, Utrecht

The SHB is the Samenwerkingsverband Hogeschoolbibliotheken (Partnership of libraries at universities of applied sciences). The SHB promotes the interests of libraries connected with universities for applied sciences and supports professionalization. The SHB regularly organizes theme days. One such day held on 6 June 2016 focused on research data management in universities of applied sciences. Ingeborg Verheul gave a presentation about the LCRDM.

For more information about SHB theme days see: www.shb-online.nl/presentaties-shb-themamiddagen/ (scroll downwards to access the theme day of your choice​).

Download the PowerPoint presentation here: 20160616_SHB Themadag Ingeborg Verheul.pptx


UKB Research Data Work Group, 8 June 2016, Utrecht

The UKB is a national partnership of directors of university libraries and the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Royal Library). UKB work groups have been established to pursue various priorities. One of these work groups is the UKB Research Data Work Group. This work group functioned as a consultative body for drawing up a quick scan and a roadmap for the LCRDM. On 6 June Ingeborg Verheul gave a presentation about the LCRDM.

For more information about the UKB Research Data Work Group see: https://www.ukb.nl/research-data

Download the PowerPoint presentation here: 20160608_UKB.pptx



DISH, 7 December 2015, Rotterdam

DISH (Digital Strategies for Heritage) is an international conference held every two years that focuses on digital heritage and strategies for heritage institutes. In 2015 a DISH conference with the theme Money and Power was held in Rotterdam. Ingeborg Verheul gave a poster presentation.

For more information about DISH: www.dish2015.nl

Download the poster here: 20151207_DISH 1.pdf



CvDUR bijeenkomst, 20 november 2015, Utrecht

CvDUR stands for College van Directeuren Universitaire Rekencentra (Board of Directors of University Computer Centres). This forum allows ICT directors of the 14 Dutch universities to share expertise and take decisions about institute-transcending ICT issues. During the meeting held in November 2015, Axel Berg gave a presentation about the SURF innovation programme, Duurzame Data (Sustainable Data) and more specifically about the LCRDM that is funded via this programme. 

For more information about the CvDUR: https://list.surfnet.nl/mailman/listinfo/cvdur

Download the PowerPoint presentation here: 20151120_cvdur_Axel Berg.pptx


Network Digital Heritage Tour, 10 November 2015, Delft

To generate more publicity for the Digital Heritage Network, the national cooperative body for managing and preserving digital collections in the heritage sector, a series of meetings was organized in 2015 at various venues throughout the country. Ingeborg Verheul was one of the guest speakers during the session held in Delft. She gave a presentation about the first plans for the LCRDM.

For more information about the NDE tour see​: www.den.nl/nieuws/bericht/5031/

Download the PowerPoint presentation here: 20151110_DANS over RDNL - NDE.pptx

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