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SURF News December 2019

SURF News​ reports the publication of the findings by the LCRDM-task group Dutch Data Curatie Network.

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Friesch Dagblad, 15 October ​2019

Presentation by Melanie Imming at a meeting of the partners of Lygature. Melanie is consultant from Imming Impact and a member of the LCRDM Pool of Experts and main editor of the LCRDM Report on Data Stewardshipdoi.org/10.5281/zenodo.2642066.

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IP / Vakblad voor informatieprofessionals, no. 7 ​2019

IP - Professional journal for information specialists has included an extensive article in the October issue in which the magazine goes around some libraries and provides some interview excerpts with experts who are also members of the LCRDM pool of experts and advisory group. All this as a result of the report of the National Coordination Point for Research Data Management (LCRDM​), "Datastewardship on the map: An exploration of tasks and roles in Dutch research institutions". doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.2642066".

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E-Data & Research October ​2019

E-data & Research has a list of all kinds of Datastewardship initiatives in the October issue. The report concludes with: "These and other interesting facts about the growing need for data stewards and the professionalization of this profession are in the report of the National Coordination Point for Research Data Management (LCRDM)," Datastewardship on the map: An exploration of tasks and roles in Dutch research institutions'. doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.2642066"

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E-Data & Research October ​2019

In the October issue, E-data & Research briefly shines light on the recently released positioning paper of the LCRDM (which is to be read at lcrdm.nl).

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SURF Nieuws Oktober 2019

Interview Erik Fledderus

The Higher Education Reference Architecture (HORA) has been improved. The deepening, elaboration and implementation came about through a collaboration between the National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM), the Data4Lifesciences programme (D4LS),  the Higher Education Architects Council (AB HO) and SURF..

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SURF News May 2019

Interview Erik Fledderus

SURF News​ reports the publicationof the findings by the LCRDM task group on Datastewardship.

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It is also reported that the LCRDM task group on '23 things' has received recognition by the Research Data Alliance.

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SURF's Annual Report 2018

Interview Erik Fledderus

SURF collaborates on results with universities, colleges, MBO institutions, research institutions and university medical centers.

LCRDM plays a role in this field and is mentioned in an interview with SURF's Managing Director Erik Fledderus, accompanying the Annual Report 2018.

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SURF Magazine March 2019

Column Peter Hinrich

​​In the new edition of  SURF Magazine (March 2019)  Peter Hinrich, SURF Community Manager Research, appeals in his column to all research institutes to join the LCRDM initiative, "so that we can facilitate cross-institutional research even better".

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SURF Newsletter December 2018


The SURF newsletter of 6 December 2018 published an appeal for people to participate in the survey by the LCRDM task group that will make an inventory of the role of data stewards and his/her existing job descriptions. It also published the appeal to participate in the new task group on virtual workspaces.

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Read about the survey ...

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HKI Newsletter November 2018

Labyrinth_verslag ​ In the HKI newsletter of 28 November 2018 Ingeborg Verheul calls for participation in the LCRDM pool of experts​, "Everyone actively concerned with RDM in their daily work can apply for the pool of experts.". 

The newsletter also published an appeal to participate in keeping the "synopsis of RDM policies and support offerings at research institutes" up to date. The pages are easily editable at the LCRDM platform.

The HBO Kennisinfrastructuur (HKI; Knowledge Infrastructure of Universities of Applied Sciences) is one of the channels for publication and promotion of reuse of applied research. This knowledge infrastructure is a collaboration of SURF and universities of applied sciences.

Expert​ meeting on Storage Interests concerning Datasets

Labyrinth_verslag ​Do we have to keep datasets permanently, now that there are still no guidelines for storing data sets? That was one of the questions at the Expert meeting Bewaarbelangen Datasets. In a filled hall at the University of Groningen, three speakers and forty participants discussed this subject. This short report shows that the LCRDM is well-known. Reference is made to the LCRDM for the role in the forging of standards by data supporters. "Data supporters often have good insights into possibilities that researchers themselves do not always have."

​Click the image to read the report online​.


SURF Masterclass Research Support 2018

IP201607_03.pdf ​This year's Masterclass Research Support took place 4 October 2018. This masterclass highlighted aspects of research support in the research data life cycle in an interactive setting.​ Maurice Bouwhuis (SURF programme manager Open Science) referred to the LCRDM. In the near future activities of S4R, LCRDM and NPOS will converge in such a way that data support staff at the various institutes will be able to work in a more unified field.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​

​Click the image for a summary.


SURF Magazine 3, September 2018

In the recent edition of SURF magazine (September 2018) the new setup of the LCRDM was highlighted. This new setup comprises of an advisory group, a fairly large pool of experts and of flexible task groups. The advisory group will pitch clear focused issues to the pool of experts. Small task groups work on such a issues within a strictly confined time frame . ​Coordinator Ingeborg Verheul explains in more detail.​

​Click image to see the page in SURF Magazine.


SURF Newsletter, 12 September 2018


SURF Nieuws published an appeal for people to participate in the [then] still to be established LCRDM task group that will make an inventory of the role of data steward and his/her existing job description. 

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ScienceGuide, 11 July 2018


An article about open data in Science Guide included a reference to the LCRDM. "Vanuit dit centrale punt worden diverse experts van de verschillende instellingen bijeengebracht om gezamenlijk oplossingen te vinden." (Diverse experts from different institutes come together to collectively search for solutions).

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Computable, 5 June 2018


In the latest edition of Computable, SURF board member Anwar Osseyran (director of SURFsara), with Ronald Stolk (RUG) and Marco de Vos (ASTRON), make a collective appeal for knowledge institutes to work together on a federal scale. 

The Landelijk Coördinatiepunt Research Data Management (National Coordination Point for Research Data Management - LCRDM) is cited as an example of national collaboration.

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​HKI Newsletter, 23 February 2018

​A news letter of the HBO Kennisbank (Knowledge database for Universities of Applied Sciences) offers a recap of a visit to the LCRDM conference in February: "On that day the HKI was represented by Bolinda Hoeksema, chairman of the HKI Advisory Committee and manager of the HU library. One of the questions posed by the HKI is how we can promote active participation of Universities for Applied Sciences with the LCRDM. With LCRDM project manager Ingeborg Verheul, the HKI is deliberating how we can realize this in 2018." ​

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​Informatie Professional, no. 7 2017

Informatie Professional (Information Professional) No. 7 (2017) contains a short interview with  LCRDM coordinator Ingeborg Verheul about current developments at the Coordination Point for Research Data Management from the perspective of the magazine's target group: the information professional/research support assistant.

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Blog Research Data and Related Topics (JISC), July 2017​

JISCThe JISC blog 'Research data and related topics'​​ posted a brief report about the expert meeting concerning FAIR principles, which included Ingeborg Verheul as a member of the discussion panel on behalf of the LCRDM. The summary description of the meeting gave a clear picture of prevalent opinions regarding FAIR. 

Click on the image to read the blog.

​Blog Online Computer Library Centre (OCLC), July 2017

Hangingtogether OCLC.png​In the 'Hanging Together' blog (“Trust, sustainability, collaboration... and research libraries under the Greek sun") by OCLC Research, Rebecca Bryant and Annette Dortmund describe how they experienced the 2017 annual LIBER conference in Greece. The authors give special mention to the presentation by Jacquelijn Ringersma (chairperson of the Awareness and Commitment Work Group), in which Jacquelijn spoke of the LCRDM. The writers of the blog say Jacquelijn also provided one of their favourite quotes of the conference: "You cannot build RDM services purely as a library" – to which she added that libraries can be successful by collaborating locally with researchers, IT, legal departments and graduate schools, but that national cooperation is also necessary.  

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SURF Magazine 2, June 2017

SURF Magazine 2.pngThe June 2017 edition of SURF Magazine featured an interview with Aleid Wolfsen and Erwin Bleumink about the General Data Protection Regulation (page. 11-12). This European privacy law comes into effect per 25 May 2018 for the entire European Union. The LCRDM work group for legal issues will consider the nature of this privacy act. 

Click on the image for the June edition of SURF Magazine.


SURF 2016 Annual Review

SURF Jaaroverzicht 2016.pngIn the preface to SURF’s annual review, The National Coordination Point for Research Data Management is cited as being one of the high points of 2016.

Click on the image to read the 2016 annual review.


University of Amsterdam - News from the Library, 30 May 2017

ingeborgverheul2.jpeg In the University of Amsterdam's news letter, Ingeborg Verheul, coordinator of the LCRDM, talks about the National Coordination Point and the role of libraries in research data management. Ingeborg explains in the interview why and how the LCRDM functions under the auspices of SURFsara and relates her own experiences with data management during her study.

Click on the image to read the interview.


UKB Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Screenshot UKB strategisch plan 2017.pngThe strategic plan drawn up by the UKB, a partnership of university libraries and the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Royal Library), also recognizes the National Coordination Point (LCRDM). The partnership strives to facilitate open science by taking the initiative to 'increase the transparency and use of research'.


SURF Innovation Report 2017

Screenshot SURF Innovatieverslag 2017.pngThe SURF Innovation report, "Innovations with Impact" features selected extracts from innovation projects that SURF and its members undertook in 2015 and 2016. The report also describes the innovation and impact of the LCRDM.  

Click illustration to open the SURF innovation report 2017 in a new tab. The item about the LCRDM can be found on page 27.



SURF Magazine 1, March 2017

surfmag_mrt2017.PNGThe most recent editionof SURF magazine  - March 2017 - devotes attention to the availability of increasingly more practical guidelines on the LCRDM platform: see the accompanying illustration or click here for a pdf version (see page 11).


National Open Science Plan, February 2017

Screenshot Nationaal Plan Open Science.pngThe National Open Science Plan describes what is currently being undertaken in the field of Open Science, and what the ambitions are for the coming years. The most important goals are to achieve 100% open access in 2020; make research data optimally suitable for re-use; establish open science as a part of evaluating and acknowledging the work of researchers and to stimulate and support researchers in the open science field. 

The National Coordination Point for Research Data Management (LCRDM) is one of the parties frequently mentioned in the National Plan. SURF signed the Open Science Declaration in February 2017 and the National Coordination Point was involved in the development of the National Plan for Open Science.

Click on the illustration to open the National Plan for Open Science in a new tab. The LCRDM is mentioned on pages 5, 6, 12, 16, 18, 19, 23, 24, 26, 27, 29 and 34.


SURF Magazine 4, December 2016

Screenshot SURF magazine 4 december 2016.png In the December 2016 issue of SURF Magazine, Marlon Domingus (co-chairman of the LCRDM's Legal Aspects Work Group) explains how he tackles the challenges of research support at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Click image to read magazine. The interview with Marlon Domingus is presented at pages 11/12.


Onderzoek Nederland, N​ovember 2016

Onderzoek Nederland, de nieuwsbrief over onderzoek, ontwikkeling en innovatie in Nederland, nummer 398, 2016 Ingeborg Verheul, coordinator at the LCRDM, was interviewed for the November issue of Onderzoek Nederland, the newsletter about research, developments and innovation in the Netherlands, number 398, page 3. 

"It transpired that groups were already busy with RDM, like Research Data Netherlands (RDNL), the UKB Research Data Work Group of the Dutch university libraries and the Royal Library along with the SURF’s Special Interest Group for Research Data.  
In collaboration with these groups the Road Map RDM 2015-2017 was developed. 

Subsequently five work groups with experts from universities, research institutes, university medical centres and universities of applied sciences went to work (…) They will draw up an inventory of what has already been achieved and accordingly formulate supplementary policy instruments and advice. During the upcoming spring they will present their first results."

Click here for pdf file.


E-Data & Research, Year 11 | no. 1, October 2016

Screenshot e-data 11 1 2016.pngIn this edition of "E-Data & Research", Marika de Bruijne writes about changes in national and European legislation regarding personal data and what these alterations mean for scientific research in the Netherlands.

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IP / Trade journal for Information professionals, no. 9 2016

Informatie Professional Vakblad december 2016Guarantees for privacy appear to be more difficult to realize in practice than originally expected. For that reason the legal work group of the National Coordination Point RDM drew up a 'Rule of thumb for data protection and privacy '. The essence of this rule is: don’t wait, start work with the instruments at hand and stimulate the discussion".

The LCRDM Work Group for 'Legal aspects and right of say' voices its opinion via Marlon DomingusEsther Hoorn and Melika Nariman, in the latest number of  IP | trade journal for informatio​n professionals  (2016 nr. 9, pp. 33-35).

Click here for pdf file.


SURF Magazine 3, September 2016

surf magazine september 2016 "In the Netherlands we, as universities in the VSNU, (Association of Universities in the Netherlands) try to join forces in the case of dossiers that serve a common interest. Dealing with research data is a good example of such a dossier. By working together, we can guard against each institute individually having to reinvent the wheel." Gerard Meijer

Thanks to an interview with Gerard Meijer, Board Chairman of the Radboud University and Chairman of the SOV of the VSNU, the LCRDM features prominently in the SURF magazine  van september 2016 door een interview met Gerard Meijer, Collegevoorzitter van de Radboud Universiteit en Voorzitter SOV van de VSNU. 


SURF Magazine 2, June 2016

Screenshot SURF magazine 2 juni 2016.pngIn the June 2016 edition of SURF Magazine it was announced that the website of the National Coordination Point for Research Data Management (www.lcrdm.nl) had gone online.

Click image to read the magazine.


E-Data & Research, Year 10 | no. 2, February 2016

Screenshot e-data feb 2016.pngIn this edition of “E-Data & Research" Marika de Bruijne devotes an article to the LCRDM: why has this national coordination point been set up; what advancements have been made; and who are involved with the coordination point?

Click image to read the artice.


IP / Trade Journal for Information Professionals, no. 1 2016

Screenshot IP 1 2016 column IV.png Ingeborg Verheul, coordinator of the LCRDM wrote a column in the Trade Journal for Information Professionals. She stresses the importance of cooperation between IT staff, policy officers and research support assistants to effectively assist researchers with the Research Data Management process.

Click image to read the column.


SURF 2015 Annual review

Screenshot SURF jaaroverzicht 2015_conflict-20170512-120127.pngThe SURF 2015 annual review describes the activities of the LCRDM. Marlon Domingus, one of leaders of the Legal Aspects Work Group, says: “The challenges in the field of research data management are too complex for an isolated institute. Many urgent tasks will fail to be tackled if there is no central framework or prioritization. That's why it's important that the National Coordination Point brings together the many stakeholders to have them work on concrete subsequent steps. This has a ripple effect, ultimately creating a wave movement that resonates among the various institutes."

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