​​Read (below) more about how task groups work.​

dctg_afb.png Task group Privacy risks 

Duration: June-October 2019

The idea is to work out a DPIA per scenario and to subsequently maintain it, so that for a majority of new research the selection of a scenario will be sufficient to be compliant​​. Continue ...​​

beleid_afb.png Task group Data Collaboration 

Duration: May-October ​2019

Purpose: Draw up an inventory of institute transcending research projects (use cases), call attention to hindrances, map which incompatible policies causes obstacles and describe implications and solutions. Continue...​​

dctg_afb.png Task group Anonimyzation 

Duration: April-July 2019

Purpose: Review of GDPR definition, discuss balance between open science and privacy rights, assess the re-identification risks of various types of data: consider likelihood, feasibility and impact of re-identification with such data​​. Continue ...​​

dctg_afb.png Task group RDA's "23 Things" 

Proposal completed: 4 March 2019​; follow-up per 6 June 2019

Goal: to write a project proposal in a short time and submit it for a call from RDA Europe. 

With this call, the Research Data Alliance is looking for organizations for the adoption of existing RDA recommendations & outputs.  Continue ...​​

dctg_afb.png Task group Dutch Data Curation Network

Duration: end of February - June 2019​

This task group will deliver an inventory of knowledge and wishes concerning data curation. At a later stage, depending on the outcome of the first stage, an effort might be made to establish data curation standards.

Continue ...​​

dctg_afb.png Task group Research Workspaces

Duration: end of January - end of March 2019

​The task group will propose criteria for a GDPR compliant virtual research environment as well as provide seven use cases. Continue ...​​

ds weer.png Task group Pseudonymization and Key File Storage​

​​​Duration: January - March 2019​

The task group will present best practices of pseudonymization and key file management, collected by means of questionnaires and interviews. Continue ... ​​​

ds weer.png​Task group Data Stewardship​

​​​Duration: October 2018 - February 2019

​This task group collects actual rôles and tasks of data stewards by means of questionnaires, literature, recent vacancies and interviews. Continue ...​​​


How task groups work

The goal of task groups is to formulate advice about specific tasks or to prepare national meetings. Task groups which are active at this moment are 'Data Stewardship' and 'Pseudonymization and Key Files Management'.

The task groups are compiled on an ad-hoc basis and work on compact sub issues that can be solved at short notice (1-6 weeks). As soon as a task is announced, members of the pool of experts​ can register to take part and enlist the help of other parties, experts or consultants.  Means of mutual communication and contact with the advisory group​ are decided. Each task group is supervised by a process counsellor/scrum master who helps in planning and realizing the project.


Task groups are compiled on an ad-hoc basis per sub-problem or issue. For the composition of a task group, candidates are drawn from the pool of experts. These are supplemented with experts from the work field of advisory group members or experts from the pool. ​The task groups are supervised by a scrum master/process counsellor/consultant.


The task group members are motivated to work on a subject by a need to know, questions from their own institute and work environment or their daily work. The incentive here is: ‘this topic can also be applied in my own work environment’.


The task groups work on small-scale sub-problems/issues that can be solved in one to six weeks. The task group members are available for an intensive, limited time span (‘pressure cooker sessions’ model).

On the basis of a pitch (the pitch by the advisory group for the pool of experts) the task groups draw up a project plan that specifies: the goal of the project, composition of the task group, desired result, planning and budget.​


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