2015-2017: five focus areas, five work groups 

In the period 2015 – 2017, The National Coordination Point for Research Data Management (Het Landelijk Coördinatiepunt Research Data Management) (LCRDM) facilitated five national work groups that endeavoured to develop diverse aspects of RDM policy: 

· awareness/commitment  (/ private​)

· facilities & data infrastructure  (/ private​)

· legal aspects & control  (/ private)

· financial aspects of RDM (/ private)

· resear​​ch support & advice  (/ private​)

In compiling the work groups, an effort was made to include the most important stakeholders with regard to a specific RDM aspect.  

The work agendas and final minutes of meetings of all work groups are available online.

A roadmap (based on a quick scan) forms the foundation for all LCDRM activities during the 2015-2017 period. Work groups act on the basis of work agendas​, which contain short-term, mid-term and long-term goals of the work group, plus a variety of subjects that need elaboration. The practical guidelines developed by the work groups are shared via this online platform. ​

The purpose of the LCRDM networking meetup of 8 June 2017, organized for the members of LCRDM work groups, was threefold: to highlight what each work group was working on, to evaluate the previous period, and of course to network and to get to know each other.

To conclude the first period of the LCRDM (roadmap 2015-2017), a conference was organized that looked back at past accomplishments and to new challenges in the future: National cooperation in RDM. Celebrating Achievements, Shaping Future Directions. Read Ingeborg Verheul's report here.

Ultimately all products of the work groups together can form the building blocks for designing a (virtual) counter where a research support assistant can find tools, guidelines, standards and products to unburden the researcher and support him/her by providing competent data management before, during and after research.

Work groups 

The five LCRDM work groups each had an average of 15 members who were selected on the basis of their personal expertise and networks. When compiling the work groups, an effort was made to include the most important stakeholders with regard to a specific facet of RDM. Each group comprised a broad selection of people, conforming to the composition of the SURF community: universities (IT, policy, research support), University Medical Centres, research institutes (NWO, KNAW) and Universities of Applied Sciences. Sufficient distribution on a national scale was another issue that was discussed. Each work group was led by one or two leaders (chair persons).  

The activities of all work groups are fine-tuned during a three-monthly leader's meeting. More wide-ranging, substantive RDM topics and the procedural effects of the LCRDM are also discussed (how to reach out to directors; how to involve researchers; how to make general products useful for the various disciplines; how to make sure that research data don't suffer the same fate as publications and publishers? etc.). The results of the LCRDM were assessed by way of a RDM monitor that among other instruments, included a self-evaluation by the work groups regarding their activities in 2016. At the end of 2017 a broad SWOT analysis was held that focused on concept, work groups and output.  

The model of fixed work groups was discontinued in 2018 and the LCRDM continued in a new work form. 

Members & activities

A survey of all work group members, including where and in which function they work can be found in the Excel file below. 
Werkgroepleden_LCRDM_20170622.xlsx (per juni 2017)

You will find a survey of all work group activities here: Producten van het LCRDM.pdf (updated January 2018​) en in this rerview.

The work agendas and final minutes of meetings of all work group members are available online.


During the first network day of the LCRDM for the work groups on 8 June 2017, all work groups gave a presentation of their activities. The posters presented during this meeting can be found on the work group pages, see the link per work group below. For some of these posters a spoken memo is available which describes the context of the poster. ​


Here are the members of the five work groups and related sub-work groups: 

Awareness and Commitment

Jacquelijn Ringersma (Wageningen UR) (voorzitter)
Fieke Schoots (Universiteit Leiden) 
​Henk van den Hoogen (Universiteit Maastricht)  
Hylke Annema (Tilburg University) 
Jasper van Dijck (TU Delft)  
Patrick Hoetink (TU Twente)  
Rob Gommans (Radboud Universiteit) 
Rob Hooft (DTL) 
Rosemary van Kempen (NWO)  
Ton Smeele (UU) 
Victor Eggenhuizen (KNAW/NIOO)  
Ingeborg Verheul (ex officio/LCRDM)  

Irene Haslinger (TU Delft/agendalid)  ​

Previous members
Marc Broekhoven (TU Eindhoven)
Floor Frederiks (UL/NWO)
René van Horik (DANS)
Douwe Zeldenrust (Meertens/KNAW)
Paul van den Brink (LCRDM) 

Sub work groups:

Incentives: Henk, Patrick, Floor, Marc, Ingeborg
Requirements: Rosemary, Jasper
Kwalitatieve kosten en baten: Ton, Jacquelijn
Shades of Open: Floor, Rob, Ton

For this work group's output, see: Handreikingen Bewustwording en Engagement.

Facilities and Data Infrastructure

Peter Doorn (DANS) (voorzitter)
Paul Hofman (TU/e) (voorzitter)
Ariaan Siezen / Arnoud van der Maas (Radboud UMC)
Axel Berg (SURFsara)
Ed Simons / Caspar Terheggen (Radboud Universiteit)
Erik Flikkenschild (LUMC)
Gertjan Filarski / Sebastiaan Derks (Huijgens ING/CLARIAH)
Haije Wind (RUG)
Jeff Templon (NIKHEF)
Joost van der Nat (NCDD
Joyce Nijkamp / Jeroen Roodhart (UvA)
Laurents Sesink (Universitaire Bibliotheken Leiden)
Maarten Hoogerwerf (UU)
Renze Brandsma (UvA/UBA)
Taco de Bruin (NIOZ)
Tom Bakker (eScience Center)
Ingeborg Verheul (ex offficio)

Eric Balster (CentERdata/UT/agendalid)​
Rob van Nieuwpoort (eScience Center/agendalid​)

Previous members
Marnix van Berchum (DANS/co-voorzitter)

​Sub work groups:

Architectuurmodel: voorgezeten door Joyce en Arnoud
Infrastructuur Catalogus:voorgezeten door Laurents
Data Dictionary:voorgezeten door Erik en Joost

For this work group's output, see: Handreikingen Faciliteiten en Datainfrastructuur.

Financial aspects of RDM

Magchiel Bijsterbosch (SURFsara ) (voorzitter)
​Christine Elsenga (RUG)
Ingrid Dillo (DANS)
Jacques ​Beursgens (Maastricht University)
Jan Willem Boiten (Data4LifeSciences)
Jan-Willen Brock (UL)
Michelle van der Kooij (TU Delft)
Marcel Ras (NCDD)
Reinout Raijmakers (UU)
Marlon Domingus (EUR)
Ingeborg Verheul (Ex officio; SURFsara)

No sub work groups.

For this work group's output, see: Handreikingen Financiële aspecten.

Legal Aspects and Control

Marlon Domingus (EUR) (voorzitter)
Esther Hoorn (RUG) (voorzitter)
Arjan van Hessen (CLARIAH/UT) 
Heiko Tjalsma (DANS) 
Hylke Annema (UTilburg) 
Marion Leenen (UvA/HvA) 
Martin Boeckhout (NFU) 
Melika Nariman (EUR)    
Olga Scholcz (SURFnet) 
Petra Tolen / Tom Paffen (VU) 
Ingeborg Verheul (Ex officio; SURFsara) 
Frans Pingen (WUR/agendalid) 
Miriam Roelofs (NWO -TBC/agendalid) 
Myrte Dujardin (VU/agendalid) 
Saskia Woutersen-Windhouwer (UvA/agendalid) 

Previous members
Janet Krijger (UL)
Paul van den Brink (LCRDM)
Sub work groups:

Contractbepalingen: Petra / Tom, Marion
Sjabloon samenwerkingsovereenkomst/Dataconvenant: Petra, Marion
Informed Consent-formulier: Heiko, Martin
Expertnetwerk: Martin
Pre (D)Pia: Esther, Janet, Petra / Tom
Reference Cards, Maturity Model Privacy / GDPR: Marlon, Esther
Herziening VSNU Gedragscode voor Gebruik van Persoonsgegevens: Marlon, Esther, Melika

For this work group's output, see:  Handreikingen Juridische aspecten en Zeggenschap.

Research Support and Advice

Annemie Mordant (MEMIC) (voorzitter)
Hans Gankema (RUG) (voorzitter)
Afelonne Doek (IISG) 
Alastair Dunning (TU Delft) 
Annemiek van der Kuil (UU) 
Jan Baljé / Henk van der Zijden (Hanzehogeschool Groningen) 
Jan Bot (SURFsara)  
Jolien Scholten (VU) ​
Luiz Olavo Bonino da Silva Santos  (DTL)
Margreet Bloemers (ZonMw) 
Mariëtte van Selm (UvA/HvA) 
Marjan Grootveld (DANS) ​ 
Marlon Domingus (EUR)
Rudy Scholte (AMC) 
Toine Kuiper (TU Eindhoven) 
Vera Sarkol (CWI)​ 
Ingeborg Verheul (Ex Officio; SURFsara)

Previous members
Ho-Young Wisselink (NSCR)
Ana van Meegen-Silva (VU; voorzitter) 
Maurice Vanderfeesten (VU)

Sub work groups:

FAIR Data: Luiz, Alastair
DMP Tooling: Jan Balj, Annemiek, Margreet, Mariette, Marjan
Trainingen: Hans, Jan Bot, Maurice, Afelonne
Privacy / Veilige Data / Software Sustainability: Rudy, Annemie, Toine, Vera

For this work group's output, see: Handreikingen Onderzoeksondersteuning en Advies.

1: the university work field call for coordination of data management 

2: the VSNU asks the cooperative SURF to coordinate the search for synergy

3: SURF delegates this task to SURFsara, the LCRDM brings together people from the work field 

4: results of the work groups are distributed by work group members and also placed on a website ​


The information provided by this platform has been compiled with the necessary care by the LCRDM work groups. Via this platform the LCRDM only provides information about products and services that have been collected or processed in the workgroups (except for pages under the heading ‘RDM’). It concerns work in progress. The LCRDM can implement changes without prior warning. If you have suggestions for amendments or additions, please let us know.   

The LCRDM is not in any way responsible for possible malfunctioning of this platform. The LCRDM is not liable in any way for incorrect or incomplete information on the LCRDM platform. 

If you have a complaint or a remark you want to make, please send an email to ingeborg.verheul [at] surfsara.nl or contact the chair person of the relevant work group. 

(End of disclaimer) ​