You can contribute to writing this wiki. Make this a depository for knowledge and opinions regarding research data management.

For log-in  details and questions: boudewijn.vandenberg [at] surfsara.nl​.


Once signed in, c​lick in the top left corner of your screen, on the word  'Page' / 'Pagina' .


Click 'Edit'/'Bewerken'.​


Click somewhere on the page and write.


Remember to press 'Save'/'Bewaren' in the top left corner​.


One can add images, links and files to a page: click the tab 'Insert':


Do you wish to add pages, e.g. when in the Glossary, please use the following method:

​Link to a new page

Place double square brackets on either side of the word(s) of the proposed link. 

In this way you create a link.


New page 

 Only when the page with the new link has been saved, click on your new word(s):


and subsequently  in the dialogue, click on 'create' to construct the accompanying page:​


The link wording is now the title of the new page. 

If it concerns the Glossary

On the newly created page repeat your explanation of the definition ​and cite the source.

You can add extra information on the page.

NB. If your elaboration on the page is a supplement to the explanation of the definition in the list, please add a + sign after the definition in the list. Use a space when placing the + sign behind the square brackets. ​

Layout of the Glossary list​​​

Select the brackets and the word(s) of the new link and click on 'Heading 1' to enlarge the definition:


First word on a Glossary page

If the information you want to add is to be placed in front of the first word on the page, position your cursor in front of the brackets of the first word and type the new key word with brackets. 

Go to the next line and before you continue typing, at the top of the screen choose ('style') 'Alinea' ('Paragraph'). This will reduce the font size.

Alternative gloss and referring to the main one

If there is an alternative definition for a key word or subject with the same meaning, first look for the 'first' definition, click on the definition so that you are directed to the corresponding page and copy the URL. 

Go to the page of the alternative definition, follow the instructions as given above and instead of a explanation, create a link: write down the 'first' definition, select it and click on 'insert'/invoegen at the top of your screen and then choose 'Link'.  

Subsequently choose 'Address' and paste the link (that you had copied) in the dialogue field.


For log-in details and questions, please send an email to:​ boudewijn.vandenberg [at] surfsara.nl​.​