​​​​​​​eenheid van RDM taal +

Let op, dit begrip betreft niet de structuur van de data zelf (Nictiz, registratie ad/ bron, FAIR..). Met eenheid van taal wordt hier enkel communicatie afspraken tussen RDM stakeholders (o.a. managers, onderzoekers) en IT architecten bedoeld.

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International federation that interconnects participating national federations such as SURFconext across the world. It allows users to access IT services using their one trusted identity. ​



A mechanism of safeguarding stored data or information by making that data or information unreadable without access to the correct decryption method and key.


Enhanced Publication

An enhanced publication is a structured representation of research output in which research assets (dataset, article, underlying material) are gathered and linked.

Entity type

Concerning reference architecture​: ​Structure of top level concepts within the RDM reference architecture Framework.


Concerning reference architecture​: Lists of instances for each entity type (whether policies, processes, functions, solutions) and their definitions.​

Ethical Guidelines

A framework to guide decision-making based on accepted ethical principles and practice.

Ethics review committee (IRB, REC, REB)

An independent committee for the ethical review of research activities.


A European organization responsible for publicising work on current research information systems (CRIS). It maintains the CERIF standard for CRIS systems.

See also: ACRIS, Current Research Information System / CRIS​

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