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“Order, order!" - Looking back at the 2nd LCRDM Pool of Experts Network Day (11 April 2019, Utrecht)

[report, posters and presentations]

"Order! Order!"

Did you watch John Bercow, the Speaker of the British parliament in a recent show on Dutch television, some weeks ago? Bercow became famous because of his frequent call for “Order, Order!" to steer the parliamentary discussion on the Brexit. In the television show he explained that his calling for order doesn't so much mean there is a situation of disorder in parliament, it is merely a means of starting or continuing the regular programme of the day.

The 2nd LCRDM Pool of Experts Network Day, which took place on 11 April 2019 in the UCK in Utrecht, was such a success that it was necessary for the chair of the day to imitate John Bercow to drag people from their networking activities back into the regular programme of the meeting. And the same at this occasion, just as Bercow indicated: the calling for order simply meant alerting people that the programme continued.

LCRDM Network Meetings

The main purpose of the LCRDM network meetings for the pool of experts is to offer an opportunity for the experts to get to know each other, and to network. And of course, there always is a learning aspect in the programme: an RDM topic that has been tackled by the old LCRDM working groups, or that is currently on the agenda of a LCRDM task group. The network meetings are scheduled three times a year. This time Data Stewardship was the main topic. Some 75 people attended. And quite a lot of them díd bring their LCRDM badge with them!


The programme started off with a brief introduction by LCRDM coordinator Ingeborg Verheul. Currently the LCRDM pool of experts has grown up to 165 members from 69 research institutions. So, later on this week, a cake will be delivered to the expert who registered as number 150. And of course there will also be a cake for registration number 200. With 7 task groups up and running, and the 8th on its way, the new way of working of LCRDM can surely be called a success.

Positioning Paper coming up!

Verheul briefly touched upon the Positioning Paper for LCRDM in 2019 and onwards, on which the LCRDM advisory group currently is working. This paper describes three interest area's to which the pitch proposals contribute. The concept of the interest area's needs to be worked out a bit more, but the idea is that it will stimulate discussion and help indicating or positioning longer-term activities for the pool of experts. The input given by  the pool members in prioritizing themes and possible RDM activities, formed the basis for this paper. A separate blog will be published on the Positioning Paper in due time.

20190411_Netwerkdag Pool van experts.pdf


Then it was time for the first networking activity: speed dating. Basic questions to start the discussion were “What is your favourite topic when you talk to a researcher and why?" and “Why did  you become a RDM expert? And do you like it, or do you regret it?"

After sthe peed dating it was time for the task groups to be introduced. All task group members present were introduced to the audience. The activities of the four task groups that are currently active (Data Curation Network, RDA Europe, Research Workspace and Pseudonymisation) were introduced by the chairs. Then the "market square" provided the possibility to exchange information: posters were put on the walls and in approximately half an hour, attendees could discuss three different topics. For the people of the Task Group Anonymization this was a nice opportunity to meet for the first time, since their kick off meeting will be in the last week of April.

Afbeelding markt.jpg

The posters of the Task Groups can be found here.

Anonymization Pitch_Poster.pdf

presentatie-pitch-samenwerken-beleid ENGLISH.pdf

Poster ENG Data Curation Network.pdf

Poster DS.pdf

pitch pseudonymization and key files management.pdf

Pitch poster RDA.pptx

Poster RWspace.pdf

Data Stewardship


After tea break the floor was open for the theme session on data stewardship. Three presentations were given on three projects that are currently working on data stewardship: the one of the LCRDM Task Group Data Stewardship, by Melanie Imming; a ZonMW funded project with a focus on data stewardship in the bio life sciences, by Salome Scholtens (UMG); and an internal project at WUR by Jacquelijn Ringersma. The three presentations gave an interesting insight on the activities of the three groups and on their interconnection.


The presentations can be found here.

20190411_Datastewardship Melanie Imming.pdf

20190411_ZonMw data steward project.pdf

20190411_Data Stewardship WUR_Ringersma .pdf

The report of the LCRDM task group Data Stewardship will be available online and in print by the end of this month/beginning of May, in Dutch and in English.


All in all, the 2nd edition of the LCRDM Pool of Experts Networking Meeting again worked out very well. In case you missed it: the next meeting will be in September 2019 – also in Utrecht. Not in the UCK , since due to lack of funding, this location unfortunately will close down after summer. But we will find another nice location in Utrecht.

If you are not a member of the LCRDM pool of experts yet: simply send an email to Ingeborg.verheul[@]surf.nl and you will be invited for the next meeting as well.

And are you interested in pitching? Watch this:

20190411_Pitch Poster.pdf       



Extra: Watch this on You TUBE: Order, order!


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