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LCRDM/RDA Project: "In the summer time"

No holiday yet? Do you want to get into the holiday mood ? Or do you prefer to stay in a holiday mood after returning to the office? We have a secret holiday tip for you. Make sure that you have clicked on the You Tube link we found for you and that you've turned your volume button up – when you continue reading this blog.


By Ingeborg Verheul & Mijke Jetten

The (Dutch) summer holiday season has started. Great to pack your bags and hit the road (Jack, and don't you come back, no more …). But also perfect to stay home and relax. Enjoying the summer sun, a good (e-)book, and the sound of singing birds (or playing kids) in the backyard.

No chance to go abroad this year? Or just wanting to keep that holiday spirit alive and kicking? Our secret holiday tip is to get involved in the international LCRDM/RDA project. If you are joining this project, the largest international data community on this planet (the Research Data Alliance) is at your feet …

The LCRDM/RDA task group “23 things" has issued a pitch to call for consultancy committee members. This is your chance to go international and to participate - if you wish, even up until next year's summer holiday season! -  in a group of likeminded RDM people, who like to have an impact on the international RDM level.


After a receiving an RDA adoption grant, a task group was formed, consisting of the original group that wrote the project proposal (Maria, Fieke, Mijke & Ingeborg). Representatives from training related stakeholders joined (Mateusz, Carlos & Ellen).

Main goal is to adopt/adapt a high potential recommendation – the RDA's 23 Library Things for Research Data Management – to the Dutch context and turn it into a reference tool for RDM training for various audiences (such as data stewards, data librarians, IT staff, policy makers, researchers, PhD candidates and students).

We expect to reach that goal by organising active and community-oriented sprint (working) sessions the coming months. Want to take part in these sprint sessions and become part of this very active RDA group? Take a look at the pitch and our first project deliverable, the implementation and adoption plan.

So, before you log off for summer holidays for a few weeks, don't forget to sign up for the consultancy committee. Free sunglasses will be provided at the first sprint session on August 30.

Check out the LCRDM website for more information on this LCRDM/RDA task group.

Short and long versions of this pitch - in Dutch and in English:

Pitch RDA project 23 Things_NL.pdfPitch RDA project 23 Things _ Consultatiegroepleden.pdf

Pitch RDA project 23 Things _ Consultancy group members.pdfPitch RDA project 23 Things.pdf

Enjoy your holiday!


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