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RDA Adoption Grant: a Thing for Things | by Mijke Jetten

‚ÄčBy Mijke Jetten (Radboud University, chair LCRDM/RDA 23 Things Task Group)

There is a thing going on with things lately. For instance, the 10 FAIR things, 10 HASS things, and the 23 things carpentries lessons. Don't we all love these really compact need/nice-to-know list when it comes to research data management?

As you might recall, at the LCRDM, we were recently granted an RDA adoption grant. We choose the RDA 2015 resource (and big hit!) 23 things: libraries for research data, with the aim to adapt it to and adopt it in the Dutch context.

Right from the start, we made it into a community effort by using group sprint sessions to adjust the original resource. We were inspired by recent, successful book sprints on research data management.

So, at August 30 and September 12, a colourful collection of data supporters gathered at SURF to mix and match all those original 23 RDM things into a 2019 Dutch context version. Well, at least a first effort, to be presented at this October's RDA plenary (links to the presentation will follow). We plan to have more group sprint sessions in October and November to differentiate these need/nice-to-know things to different audiences, such as data stewards, policy makers, IT staff, researchers, PhD candidates, and students.

We are even considering turning our Dutch version(s) into carpentries lessons, if we find enough enthusiastic Dutch colleagues to help us achieve this ambitious goal. Do you want to get involved? Don't hesitate to contact Mijke Jetten (m.jetten@ubn.ru.nl) or Ingeborg Verheul (ingeborg.verheul@surfsara.nl).



And don't forget to check out those fantastic glasses that Maria got, for guiding us so perfectly through the first sprint session.

[ Update by editor:  ]

As a first intermediate deliverable the LCRDM task group produced an update of "23 Things" for the Dutch community: 23 Things Updated version 


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