​​​​​​​​​​Posters and flyers from the market square

LCRDM conference 8-2-2018​

werkgroep Faciliteiten en infrastructuur

LCRDM RDM architecture principles.pdf

LCRDM RDM architecture framework.pdf

Federative collaboration.pdf   | scherpere weergave​

Elaboration example with GDPR.pdf

LCRDM glossary.pdf

Cohesion of architecture and services catalogue.pdf

werkgroep Onderzoeksondersteuning en advies

Funder requirements.pdf [verzorgd door de werkgroep Bewustwording]

Research chain.pdf

DMP topics.pdf

DMP tips for writing.pdf

Flowchart Re-use health data.pdf

How FAIR are your data.pdf

werkgroep Juridische aspecten

Privacy for Academic Research cookbook.pdf

Privacy reference cards.pdf - 'Why' and  'What' 

Privacy reference card.pdf - 'How'

Safeguarding Privacy in Research.pdf

Personal Data in Research.pdf (by GDPR Coalition)

werkgroep Bewustwording / Engagement

Data stewards.pdf

Awareness and engagement.pdf (large file)


Shades of open.pdf

werkgroep Financiële aspecten

Findings and suggestions.pdf

UKB (universiteitsbibliotheken & Koninklijke Bibliotheek)

Ambitions and working groups.pdf


   Photo: Monique Kooijmans​

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