​The second network meeting​ for LCRDM's pool of experts took place 11 April 2019, Utrecht.
Read the report​ (including the presentations).


The third​ Data steward network day, "Celebrating data! What next?​",  28-11-2018, preceded the 2018 Dutch Data Awards. 

The first network meeting for LCRDM's pool of experts took place 27 September 2018, in  Utrecht.​

LCRDM conference 8-2-18 to conclude the first three years of the LCRDM. 

Data steward network days 3-10-17 and 1-12-17: network days for people in new data professions to become acquainted and fine-tune the practical aspects of their work with each other.

LCRDM network meeting 8-6-17 for members of the different LCRDM work groups. The goal of this afternoon was three-fold: to show what each work group was doing; together evaluate the previous years and of course, to get to know each other and enlarge one's network.

Seminar RDM Policy 1-12-16. Policy makers and Research Support Staff discussed the challenges of RDM policy.

Designing & Shaping Open Science Symposium​  5-4-2016. "The Symposium focused on developing an action plan for open data and privacy in relation to the Open Science Presidency Conference being held concurrently on 4-5 April in Amsterdam."

At various national and international congresses, presentations were held on the subject of RDM and the LCRDM-model. To name but a few: DISH 2015, LIBER 2016, LIBER 2017, Research Data Network JISC 2017, Support4Research HBO workshops 2016, Support for Research Seminar 2016; 2107, The Dutch Data Prize 2016 and more.

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