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On this page you can find information about the RDM discussion list along with advice and a number of tips on how to use it. 

Be sure to read the netiquette that accompanies the list.

Discussion list? 

At the 2018 IDCC conference, an idea for a Dutch RDM discussion list was launched, comparable with the JISC RDM Discussion List in de UK. This list has now been made available and is hosted by the LCRDM in collaboration with Ecompass. The instigators are Mijke Jetten (Radboud), Ellen Leenarts (DANS), Marta Teperek (Delft) and Boudewijn van den Berg (LCRDM). Goal of the list is to improve contact between RDM specialists. Whether you have questions, are organizing an interesting symposium, have a vacancy you need to fill or want to discuss an issue with colleagues: please take advantage of the list. Everyone who is professionally active in RDM is welcome to use it. 

Si​gn up  

To take part in the RDM discussion list you need to be registered as a 'subscriber'. There are no costs attached.

Decide which email address you want to use to subscribe. In registering you don't have to use your own name, an alias is also allowed. What effect this may have on the informative value of your posts is for you to decide.  

To: listserv@list.ecompass.nl 

Subject: [leave empty] 

----- Body / Message Text ---------- 

subscribe RDM [your first- and surname]

Your name without the square brackets of course.

If you want to change your name, send a new mail like the one above with your new name.  

Sending posts 

As subscriber you submit a post to the list by sending an email to rdm@list.ecompass.nl.

The RDM discussion list is not a website but a mail distributing programme. Mail sent to the 'list' is relayed to all subscribers. 

NB, for the time being the archive is still open to everyone and can be found on the list at Ecompass.nl.

The discussion list is not moderated. Posts sent to the list – after affirmation by the writer – will appear on the list without intervention of a moderator. 

Be careful what you send! Be careful you don't accidently send private messages to the entire list and please avoid 'Out-of-Office' posts.

List managers are Boudewijn van den Berg (boudewijn.vandenberg [at] surfsara.nl ) and Margriet Miedema (margriet.miedema [at] surfsara.nl ).

Sign out

To: listserv@list.ecompass.nl 

Subject: [leave empty] 

----- Body / Message Text ---------- 

unsubscribe RDM

Pause / resume

set RDM nomail

set RDM mail​​​


Switching to the Monday digest version (all RDM posts from the previous week in a single mail):

set RDM digest​


set RDM nodigest

​Posting messages and vacancies for third parties

The list managers often receive requests from third parties (i.e. people who are not members of the discussion list) to post messages for them, especially vacancies. Such requests will not be dealt with. Two of the most important reasons are: 1) the legal consequences (the list managers could then be considered to share responsibility for the contents of the post), 2) the extra work involved (the list managers will have to process the replies they are inevitably sent).

Third parties who wish to post messages on the list should proceed as follows:

You can approach someone who is a member of the list with your request or register and log-in on the list yourself. Subsequently you post your message or vacancy and de-register as member. This only takes a few minutes and there are no costs attached.  

Message archive 

As subscriber you can post a message on the list by sending an email to rdm@list.ecompass.nl.

Once you have sent a message, you cannot retract it. RDM is a mailing list – messages you send to RDM are relayed to all subscribers who are free to do what they please with the information. 

Messages cannot be 'withdrawn' retrospectively and can in principle resurface unexpectedly for years on the web: on other people's websites, the indexes of internet search engines, on blogs, RSS feeds, etc. 

Your message will also be stored in the discussion list archive. This online archive can be consulted by everyone who wishes to review a previous discussion. Once stored in the archive, messages will not be altered or deleted. 

Attachments and disclaimer

Sending a message with an attachment is permitted. However, some mail programmes cannot decode them. Moreover, large attachments are a considerable burden to network interchange. Especially participants with a small mailbox can quickly experience problems. Attachments also carry the risk of viruses. We assume that users take the necessary safety precautions. The list managers are not liable for any damage caused by use of the RDM discussion list. 

Be sure to read the netiquette ​that accompanies the list.​


Messages should preferably only be sent in ASCII, not in HTML or MIME format. Otherwise some participants may receive mails that are difficult to read. This occurs in particular with the programme Outlook. For organizations with a central mail server it may not be possible for you to switch off the HTML format yourself. In that case, contact your system manager. 


If you only want to reply to one or two participants, don't use the standard reply function of your mail programme! This will send your reaction to all participants. Instead use the 'forward' function and fill in the name(s) of the recipients yourself. 


Don't make your message too long. The longer the message, the less chance a reader will finish reading it. Be careful not to cite other people's messages at length. 


If you refer to a website, first check the URL before sending your message. Always use the prefix http:// before each address. Other participants then only need to click on the reference to see the site you recommend. 


Sign your name clearly to each message – your email address may not make plain who you are. 


Promoting a conference, seminar, new products and such like is allowed if it concerns RDM and preferably in moderation. 

Posting a vacancy 

You can use the list to post a vacancy and bring it to the attention of a wider public. Send the text of the vacancy in the body of your email to the list server for distribution and make sure that recipients know how they should respond. Note that your contribution will be kept on file, unaltered and that nothing will be deleted. Be sure to include a clear closing date for applications.  ​

Out of office

Are you going on holiday? Try to make sure that automatic 'out of office' messages are not triggered by RDM posts. Unfortunately not every mail programme can differentiate effectively. A good way to prevent 'out of office' posts being sent to other RDM participants is by temporarily cancelling RDM (pause) when you go on holiday.

[With thanks to nedbib.reuser.biz]​​

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